Can dogs eat pineapple

Can dogs eat pineapple? Is it safe for dogs to eat pineapple?

Pineapple is a fruit liked by everyone. This fruit is widespread in every household. It has various uses. It’s been used to make juices like pina Coladas or decorate the dishes. It is eaten in various forms. But the question is, can dogs eat pineapple? 

Because dogs are the most commonly kept pet animals by humans. Living with humans, dogs also want to eat things that humans eat. Because they want to join their companions in every way, in this article, we will discuss your concerns about feeding your dog pineapples.

Can dogs eat pineapple? 

It is asked to the vet. Doctors and surprisingly, they have clearly said there is no harm in feeding your dog pineapples. So, the answer to the question that can dogs eat pineapples is “Yes,” they can easily eat pineapples. Pineapple is a part of a balanced diet for dogs, along with other fruits and vegetables that are allowed to feed them.

Is it safe for dogs to eat pineapple
Is it safe for dogs to eat pineapple

Many dog owners might not think it is good to feed their dog pineapple. Little do they know; pineapples are an amazing treat for dogs to enjoy! It is not only sweet and juicy for their taste, but it can really boost your dog’s health. But the thing to keep in mind always feeds them natural pineapples. And also, excess of everything is bad, so do not be dependent on this diet fully. Please give it to them as a snack.  

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Is pineapple good for dogs:  

As it is described above, that pineapple is full of good elements that can be useful for humans as well as dogs. They can help with the proper functioning of various processes of the body. The following are some elements found in them and their benefits.  


Pineapples are full of several vitamins, including vitamin C, B1, B2, B3, B6, and B9. Vitamin C, besides being an excellent immunity booster and antioxidant, it can also improve your dog in regulating vitamin C that they make on their own. B type vitamins have various health benefits for dogs, like maintaining energy levels and helping metabolism.  

pineapple and its vitamins
pineapple and its vitamins


There is another nutrient for all animals that can be found in pineapple is “manganese.” This healthy element is beneficial for various reasons. It boosts the digestion process. And it is also a resource of antioxidants. It works to absorb proteins and carbohydrates while also activating the enzymes that help your pet’s body make use of the fatty acids in their daily diet. Another amazing task that it does is Manganese also promotes bone health and normal hormone production.  


Moreover, pineapples contain something called bromelain; it is a digestive enzyme that helps your dog to metabolize proteins. That is why a small amount of pineapple can equalize well with a meat-rich or high protein diet. 

Also, dogs should only have pineapple in moderation because of their high sugar content. Too much of this sweet treat can cause certain health issues for your furry little champ.  

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Does feeding pineapples to dogs prevent them from eating their own poo? 

Dogs often eat their own poo, which is not good. Some pet owners have reported that feeding pineapples to their dogs have prevented them from eating their own poo. But it is not true for all dogs as there is not real or scientific proof of this fact. Dogs show these kinds of behaviours due to different reasons, and there is not a single way to prevent them. So, feeding pineapple might be a way for some dogs.

Feeding pineapple to dogs: 

Always keep a balance while feeding your pet its treat. After eradicating the skin and core, you can feed your pet a tiny piece under supervision. Like other fruits, always feed your dog pineapple as a snack, not as e meal. You do not have to measure your servings like in grams, but you have to observe how much your dog likes to be fed. And also, let him know which part of food belongs to him and which is your part; if your dog has eaten a meal that already had fruits and veggies that keep this point in your mind too. 

Frozen pineapple 

People may offer chilled and frozen fruits like pineapples to pets to provide them a cool feeling, but this can be dangerous too because too much hardly frozen fruits may be hard for him to swallow and can also choke him.

Dried pineapple

Dried pineapple is not suitable as a dog treats the same as dried fruits usually pack a higher amount of sugar per portion. As the water is dried, the fruit becomes condensed, but the quantity of natural sugar remains the same. That is why it is recommended to avoid dried pineapples or any other dried fruit. If you do end up offering it as a snack, don’t lose control over your dog while he is eating. Keep it in balance.  

Dried pineapple
Dried pineapple

You can also feed them pineapple in fun ways, making them feel special as they are being served as a regular human. For this, you can do a pineapple topping on whatever you are going to feed him. You can also bake them and add them to your dog’s cookies or biscuits to give him a different flavour. Another way is to grill them. Just grill a few pineapples and serve them to your dog after cooling them.  

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Is it safe for dogs to eat pineapple? 

As it is described above that balanced quantities of raw pineapple, like other fruits, can have some health benefits for dogs, not all parts of the pineapple can be included when feeding your pet. So, it is asked, is it safe for dogs to eat pineapples? The answer is a moderate quantity is totally healthy for your pet dog.

Raw and fresh pineapple is no doubt an excellent source of nutrients for your pet, provided you stick to feeding your pet only small quantities of pineapple and other fruits with their food. The high sugar content of pineapple is a big reason that large amounts of pineapple will never be suitable for your dog’s diet, while small amounts of fresh pineapple are safe for dogs. Also, there are natural anti-inflammatory elements present, which are treated, full of vitamin C and dietary fiber. 

Side effects: 

Pineapple contains a lot of dietary fiber; this has harm consuming too much pineapple can cause your dog to become constipated.

This may sound contradictory since pet owners have been told that it is important for dogs to have a diet high in fiber. But another important factor is that fiber requires plenty of water for it to be properly digested, and you may not be sure if your dog has taken enough amount of water to digest these dietary fibers properly.

What fruits can dogs not eat
What fruits can dogs not eat

There are also sugar and acidity in pineapple that can cause tooth decay, obesity, and even diabetes. Also, with any new food, there is a chance that it could not be suitable for him for a variety of reasons, so be sure to keep an eye on your pet if this is the first time that you have fed him Pineapple. If you notice that he develops diarrhea or has gas running in his stomach and starts to smell soon after, then Pineapple may not be the treat for him. But that’s not to be worry, because there are plenty of other healthy fruit snacks to choose from.

What fruits can dogs not eat? 

Because even if fruits are highly nutritious, but it is not allowed for dogs to feed them all kinds of fruits, and some reasons are discussed above, so the question arises what are the fruits that dogs can ingest without any harm. Because dogs digest differently than humans do even though they want to eat all human food. But fruits are not compulsory for their diet. You should always give them a snack. So, you have to know what are the fruits that dogs cannot eat. 

Following are some fruits that dogs cannot eat: 

  • Avocados – it can be toxic 
  • Cherries – they can be toxic too 
  • Grapes – can be a cause of kidney failure 
  • Tomatoes – toxic for dogs  
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Can dogs eat pineapple chunks?

pineapple chunk

Yes, dogs can eat pineapple chunks. In fact, it is the best way to feed your dog pineapples. All you have to do is to cut your pineapple into chunks according to size your dog can ingest and feed him. Keep in mind the size of the chunks. If you have a puppy, then definitely, you will have to cut the pieces into smaller ones. Otherwise, you will have to face the problem.  

Can dogs eat canned pineapples?

Can dogs eat canned pineapples?

If fresh pineapples are available and dogs can eat them, the canned version should be avoided. There is a syrup in which those chunks are dipped or spread over by. This syrup keeps the pineapple chunks fresh. It is often very high in sugar, which can lead to health problems if not consumed in moderation by our canine friends.

Canned pineapple is safe for your dog if sugar has not been added to the fruit. This can impact blood sugar levels, and your dog may get diabetes. Another harm is that some of the nutrients and important enzymes get reduced or eliminated in their effectiveness during the canning process. So it is always better that you provide your dog with fresh and un-canned pineapples.

But if you only have canned available, you may use that kind which does not have added sugar and also not much old. In the same way, Tinned fruits also have artificial sweetener xylitol, which is extremely toxic for dogs. You can also make sure by observing the tin. It might be listed on the ingredients as E 967, birch sugar, or meso-xylitol. The best advice is never to feed your pet canned fruit.

Can dogs eat pineapple core?

Can dogs eat pineapple core?

When feeding pineapple to dogs, you also have to take care of parts you feed them. Pineapple is a big fruit; it has many parts. It has a bark-like part on the upper surface and an inner core too. Only the soft parts of pineapple are edible by dogs as well as humans. That is why you have to remove all the spikes and inner core of the pineapple to feed it to a dog.

So, the answer to the question can dog eat pineapple core is “No.” Like humans, dogs cannot eat the hard-inner core of a pineapple. They may want to eat it, but they cannot swallow it. If he gets to eat the core, he might get an intestinal blockage or choking. Pineapple can be very healthful if it is fed without a core or a rind to your dog. 


In this article, we have studied feeding pineapples to your dogs from different perspectives, and we have concluded that pineapples are not bad for your pet dogs, but they are not fully beneficial. They should always be fed in proper ways or as directed by doctors. You can cut them into small pieces.

You can also bake them, grill them, and also you can garnish the dog meals with them to produce a variety for him. Pet owners always have plenty of options for their pet’s meal, whether these are fruits or vegetables. The most important thing you have to keep in mind is moderation and balance. Be mindful of what you are feeding him for his best health and growth.

There are certain elements in pineapples that can cause harm to the dog if you feed him a high amount. Also, develop his habits to eat in a balanced way. There are many other fruits mentioned in which you can feed your dog, so it looks for other options as well. For the best relationship with your dog, always do what is better for him, not what he likes. I hope this article helped you in achieving all your answers to the questions that you had in your mind regarding feeding pineapples to dogs. 


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