Why do dogs like to cuddle

Why do dogs like to cuddle? Why do dogs like to cuddle under blankets?

There are some behaviour which are most likes by dogs such as belly rubs, playing with bone, patting by their owners and cuddling. It is commonly asked why do dogs like to cuddle? Cuddling is a widespread behaviour shown by them. Cuddling is also commonly liked by human beings. Because it is full of love same way dogs also love to cuddle their owners.

Dogs are said to be the best one of the pets. They are perfect companions of human beings. Once they become familiar with their owners, they are ready to do anything for them. Kids also enjoy the company of their pet dogs as they also love to play.

Human beings think like their partners should always interact with their dogs in a good way because they learn so much from their owners. Also, it creates a sense of socializing in dogs which is very beneficial for their proper physical and mental growth. Following are some reasons for them to cuddle.  

Why do dogs like to cuddle humans?

As it is said, humans and dogs have been together since primitive times, and both have primal benefits of physical touch. When you cuddle with your dog, it stimulates the production of oxytocin in the brain which is also called the “love hormone” in both of you.

This is the same hormone that is released during childbirth. And also, when a mother breastfeeds her baby. Its basic function is to develop feelings of trust, empathy, and strong bond formation.

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Oxytocin also has another ability to inhibit cortisol production, which is the stress hormone. It can lead to weight gain, reduced immune function, and also other problems.

Cuddling with your pet can also do good to your own health such as lower your heart rate, reduce your blood pressure, and may even stimulate muscle regeneration.  

Why do dogs like to cuddle humans?
Why do dogs like to cuddle humans?

Pet gains a feeling of love and security:  

Dogs have a natural desire to bond with others. While other pets like cats are known for being fairly independent, they too sometimes crave human touch. Giving your pet a good amount of affection privilege it and makes it feel loved and secure.

Lack of affection from their human owners can cause dogs to become inactive, withdrawn, and change their eating patterns, although they cannot tell you verbally. It’s also hard to tell if dogs feel sadness and depression in the same way humans do, but many doctors say that there are times when that’s the only explanation for a pet’s change in behaviour. If your pet is acting sad and down a trip to the vet is definitely in order. So, it is one of the biggest reasons why dogs like to cuddle.

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Relieves anxiety and depression:  

There are neurotransmitters in the body called dopamine and serotonin that are stimulated by cuddling, which help you feel relaxed and relieve depression. In this way, the act of holding and stroking your pet is also an effective way to cope with anxiety. When you feel happy, your pet also realizes this, and he also receives a sense of being good for you, which also strengthens him. It creates a calming effect and helps you focus on your relationship with pets.

And this feeling of sadness is caused when you do not spare any time for your pet and mostly remain in the hustle and bustle. Sparing aside a few minutes each day to cuddle and the bond can lift this guilt and help you maintain a positive bonding balance with your dog. 

Check and balance with dog’s health:  

Through cuddling your dog, you can remain in daily contact with him so you can also notice day to day change in its behaviours. While you’re cuddling your pet, take notice of any kind of tumor or swellings, unpleasant smells, or areas on his body that seem sensitive or tender.

Pets do not have any specific action to tell you if they have any problem that is why you have to be careful while touching them so that you may know if there is anything wrong and take them to the doctor if needed. So, this can also be an excellent reason why dogs like to cuddle. In this way, you can keep a check and balance regarding the dog’s health. 

Making your dog’s day: 

You must have often observed that dogs run to their owners when their owners wake up that is because they desire for love as soon as they wake up. Cuddling with your dog in the morning can make his day. In this way, he will feel relaxed, and now he will be happy for the whole day. 

Cuddling your pet dog will also teach him to be more social with others and to make him a good family member as well as a citizen by providing him with more human contact. 

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To sleep comfortably: 

Often when your pet is disturbed, and he feels uncomfortable due to some reasons like if he is ill or injured or if some of his friends which can be either a human or another animal dies he needs consolation and warmth. In this regard, you can help your pet by cuddling him. In fact, cuddling is all that he needs when during these kinds of situations.   

sleeping dog
sleeping dog

Signs that are dogs do not like hugs: 

  • Sudden yawning
  • Pulling themselves away from you
  • Repetitive lip licking
  • Shaking off after you let go
  • Turning their head
  • Avoiding eye contact 

These are the signs of dog hug disliking according to Bloom and me Thomas who is Executive Director of Motley Zoo Animal Rescue in Redmond, Washington. Thomas further added that you might also see the “whale eye,” or the white part of a dog’s eyes, which means they are nervous or feeling discomfort.

And doctor bloom told that if they really hate these hugs, they may jump upon you and hit you with paws. In this way, you can also get hurt because the dogs may have a feeling of being controlled when someone hugs them. In dog’s psyche, there is not hugging to equalize love or to love back.

So, they will not understand your behaviour instead they may get suffocated and so try to pull you away from them. That is why the answer to doing dogs like to be hugged is simply no.  

Signs that are dogs do not like hugs:
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Why do dogs like to sleep next to you?

Why do dogs like to sleep next to you?

Dogs are social species of animals who just want to take part in action all the time. If you’re hanging out in bed, having gossips with family, binge-watching Netflix and having some snacks, then they’ll naturally want to be a part of the fun. The same goes if you are going to sleep.

They may just want someone to cuddle with, and you’re the best choice by nature. Another factor is they want to feel warm and cozy because on winter nights the floor is very chilled also if you make a bed for him on the floor will not be comfortable for your dog. So, he will ultimately need to sleep next to you in your bed to feel your warmth.  

Sometimes a dog also needs to stretch out. Sleeping every day in a curled-up form which usually their bed is designed for may tire them and give them pains so they may jump up your bed and sleep there with you. Pet dogs are also obsessed with their owner’s smell, and your bed is the place where you are for the longest period in a day.

Your bed is full of your smell so your dog may sleep in there to feel your smell. Also, he has become familiar with your bed if he had slept there for one or more time so this place becomes his favourite, and there are chances that he also likes to take his night rest there. And the most valid and simple answer to why do dogs like to sleep next to you is that they love you and show it as a sign of their love to sleep next to you and cuddle with you.  

Do dogs like to be hugged?

Do dogs like to be hugged?

Apart from cuddling the question that does dogs liked to be hugged? Is also asked. If we deeply study the answers of veterinary doctor, the answer to this question is simply “No”. Dogs usually do not show affection by hugging.

We as humans are natural huggers, but dogs do not have hugging in their instincts. This is because humans are nursed and brought up with hugging. They have always been showing their affection chest to chest, but dogs are not like this.

Because they are not brought up this way, so, they would never show their love and fondness with hugs not to humans neither to their own specie fellows. In fact, a doctor Irith Bloom in Los Angeles said that these face to face embracing each other could be most unpleasant for dogs. 

Why do dogs like to cuddle under the blankets?

Why do dogs like to cuddle under the blankets?

It is in the dog nature that they like to burrow under the covers. It may seem strange to people that some doggies like to cuddle under the covers. Dr Brenda Forsythe PhD and DVM, a certified applied animal behaviorist and the head of the Orcutt Veterinary Hospital in Santa Maria, Calif. Dr Forsythe tell that this preference is normal for many dogs. Some breeds, like Dachshunds, are actually bred to burrow, so it would be stranger if they didn’t want to cuddle under that soft and warm covers.

The research behind why do dogs like to cuddle under the blankets which are cave-like comfort of slumbering range from a need to feel warmth and companionship. And also cuddling with their human owners due to a trait leftover from ancestors who nurtured their puppies in small, dark dens.

If you do not appreciate the idea of sharing your bed with a blanket-loving puppy, then get him a fluffy and warm bed of his own and then cuddle him a bit to make him feel good. Companionship is another reason for dogs liking cuddling under blankets.

Dogs are bunched animals they often stray in groups, and it is in their nature to sleep in a herd, especially during their puppyhood. A puppy pile always finds a way to stay together, cuddled and live with each other. It comes as no surprise then that your dog loves laying by your side and occasionally cuddling under the covers. It is a sign of love and your dog’s way of being cute. 


Dogs are so specific in their nature. They will just get the way you teach them to be. They will have to like every pleasure with you just like your friends have that is why they have most of the habits like human beings like cuddling to show love and being patted by their owners to feel encouraged in turn they also give their owners a sense of love and courage.

But there are also some behaviour they dislike just like hugging as it is explained. They are not bred with this habit of hugging and do not like to be chest to chest. To avoid this kind of interactions. Also, keep check and balance on your dog’s physical and mental health to ensure his best growth because at last, he also represents you in social gatherings as your family mates just like your kids do.

Dogs like to be allowed to do their things in their own way and being approved by their masters, but you have to train them to prevent what is not good for them in their own way. And for this, you have to understand their behaviours first.

And then proceed according to them. But do not force things on your pet dogs as they also have delicate egos and they get easily irritated from your restricted behaviours. Make time to spend with them and play healthy games and activities with them. I hope all these things and information helped in getting answers to your questions.

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